1- in case of fraud activity the user will be suspended automatically 

2- Refill Takes 12 to 24hrs to start sometimes less time 

3- Its forbidden to have multiple account for the same user 

4-For requesting service open a ticket titled Other and we will add the service you want if it was available 

5- People in lebanon can pay cash money

6- our payment methods might have some changes you can recharge your account via western union or payoneer , open a ticket titled payments for more info 

7- All the orders will be tracked daily incase of problems use a ticket and we will help immediately 

8- you can have a panel like ours and resell our service open a ticket for more info

9- We DO NOT Cancel complete orders 

10- We DO NOT cancel misplaced orders example : if you ordered followers for the wrong profile and the link is correct it is impossible to cancel the order 

11- Our service are chosen and updated daily , all tested , we only provide working services and any problem with any service it will be automatically disabled for maintenance so we dont sell fake services 

12- Users from india will be having paytm payments soon

13- You will have less problems with your orders because we will help instantly , note that any order made despite what we state in the description it needs up to 24hrs to start or to be done because of the overloaded orders but that doesnt happen a lot 

14- You can have Vip Support check in services Tab :

Whatsapp Or Skype support 24/7 

instant problem solving 

15- We cant guarantee drops after refill period (if the order was not refilled withing the refill period we can partial)

16- When an order is canceled it will be automatically refunded to your  famebooster wallet note that we cant refund anywhere else under any condition 

17- Check carefully the links before ordering to prevent problems 

18- if the order dropped under start count it cant be refilled unless you raise it back to the start count 

19- We hope you will have a good experience using famebooster 


we do not refund in case the order was made twice example : 

if you made an order from famebooster and at the same time from another panel it will be hard to cancel from famebooster in case the order got stuck please accept our terms